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Rihla, is a company that is born with an innate passion to provide the best possible travel packages for all of our customers. Our goal is not to be simple agents for your journeys, but rather be the very reason you choose to travel.  Our African safaris and religious ventures allow us to stand out from the average travel agency with both luxury and budget travel options at great prices. Characterised by our unmatched hospitality and customer service, we here at Rihla aim to ensure that not just your needs but your desires are satisfied. Regardless of what you are seeking, Rihla is here to connect you to the experience.

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At Rihla, we can customise a travel experience to your specific needs, life style and budget.

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You can customise your travel, accommodation and entertainment experiences to suit your needs.


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We here at Rihla feel that having local expertise is always an asset and we endeavour to experience all our trips first hand, to ensure that your journeys are utterly seamless. We ensure that the best of the best in terms of destinations are on offer to you during every single trip. We’ll stop at nothing to connect you to the ultimate travel experience!

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Travel.

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Istanbul’s Islamic Experience

One of our predominant upcoming offers is a trip to Istanbul where you will have the chance to visit some of the premier islamic destinations. From the famed burial ground of the legendary Ertugrul himself to one of the most iconic mosques in the world, Sultan Ahmet Camii. This allows you to immerse yourself in centuries old cultural and religious history.

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